You’ve Been Assigned

by ashleyashes

So today I was assigned to my room and found out my roommates. At first glace, it looks like the most random group of people ever, but I’m trying extremely hard not to pass judgment.

During one of the lectures at orientation, a man was talking about this day. You’re so excited that you look your person up on facebook. All of a sudden, you start to worry. You see that they don’t like the same tv shows as you, or they like completely different music. You get nervous because you don’t know if you’re going to clash with the person.
Thats what is happening right now.  I know its wrong to look at profile pictures and assume stuff about someone. Just because they don’t seem like the same things as you do doesn’t mean you won’t be friends. My best friend and I have nothing in common, except a shared likeness towards a couple bands.

I don’t want to jump to the gun or anything. Hopefully it all works out. But suddenly, I find myself worried about what my roommate is going to think. Is she going to hate the posters I want to put up? Is her least favorite color going to be the exact color I pick for my bed sheets? Is she going to hate my preferences in music? Is she gonna party till 4 am and stumble into the room, waking me up a few hours before an important exam?

Oh, boy.